Photo credit:  Erin Kunkel

Photo credit: Erin Kunkel

Our “Milk Shed”

Staunton, Virginia was once a center for dairy processing. Milk from family-run dairies flowed into town to be transformed into bottled milk, ice cream, butter, buttermilk and cheese. Today, small-scale dairies are nearly gone from the Shenandoah landscape because of economic pressures and an outdated system for milk pricing. Those remaining likely sell to a coop which has little incentive to support small scale farmers. Fewer and fewer young people are entering the profession. In an effort to be part of the solution, Ballerino Creamery is determined to be an alternative to the coop model. As a licensed dairy manufacturer, we are a place that can purchase milk directly from local farmers. A direct sale elevates a dairy from anonymous to recognized and accountable.

Sourcing from Family Farms

Our milk comes from Ambler Family Farm and Clovertop Goat Dairy. Both of these family farms produces thoughtful, humanely produced milk and maintains a loved, well cared for herd of animals. The majority (or, at times of year, all) of the feed for the herds comes from pasture. The animals all have names. We source extra cream for double creme cheeses from Mt. Crawford Creamery, a local family operation.