Photo Credit:  Erin Kunkel

Photo Credit: Erin Kunkel

Milk Complexity

We source our milk from pasture-based family dairies in the Shenandoah Valley. We choose suppliers that value healthful soil and happy, healthy animals. All of our milk is guaranteed to be free of antibiotics and added hormones. We process this milk the very same morning it comes out of the animal. And we are in a good place to do this.

Staunton was once a center for dairy processing. Milk from family-run dairies flowed into town to be transformed into bottled milk, ice cream, butter, buttermilk and cheese. Today, small-scale dairies have largely disappeared from the Shenandoah Valley because of economic pressures and an outdated system of milk pricing. Most remaining dairy farms are obligated to sell to a coop, and these coops have no incentive to keep or support these farms. Fewer and fewer young people are entering the profession.

We started this business, in part, to create an alternative to the coop mode and, in part, to utilize the lush, rain-fed setting of the Valley. If a farm can sell milk directly, it is elevated from being anonymous to being recognized, accountable and appreciated. The days of factory farmed milk from unpastured cows have to end. Together we can reshape dairy into a system that is both small-scale and humane for land, animal and farmer. Join us.