Photo by: Laura Peters for the News Leader.

Photo by: Laura Peters for the News Leader.

New Creamery Opens in Staunton

STAUNTON - Louella Hill is very soft spoken and her quiet voice echos in the odd building on Middlebrook Avenue just on the outskirts of the Wharf district. 

We've all seen that building. It sits on the corner of Middlebrook Avenue and Bridge Street.

She says the building, at 765 Middlebrook Ave., used to be the Augusta Dairies creamery building. Augusta Dairies Inc. was established in 1941. It bottled and processed milk and sold other dairy products like buttermilk, egg nog, cottage cheese and more with a door-to-door delivery service.

Hill likes being part of the revival of the history. The building still has the drains in the sloped floors to allow milk to run off. The section she uses for her creamery still has the original tiles. 

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