Photo Credit:  Soraya Matos Photography

Begin with Butterflies

Ballerino Creamery, which sits in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, came to life in an unusual way. First, a flock of butterflies (yes, butterflies) landed at co-founder Louella Hill and her partner Alan’s house. The butterflies came to feast on milkweed which the two had planted that spring. One morning, when more than three dozen chrysalises hung from the edge of the porch, a local newspaper came to write an article.

Upon reading the article, a local butterfly lover wanted to connect Louella with a friend. That friend led to another friend and before long, Louella, a cheesemaker of many years, found herself in the “Cottage Cheese Room”. The room was inside a large and mysterious building, an old creamery where milk from the Valley had once been processed (known as Augusta Creamery). Equally mysterious was that the stream running alongside the building was called Buttermilk Creek. The building had not been used as a creamery for half a century but that was to change. Louella had been looking for a place to make cheese and this room would become her next chapter.

About to Launch

After the butterflies, a renovation, and a hoop or two, Ballerino Creamery is now coming to life. We will sell at local farmers’ markets from May through October and year-round through our Cheese Club. Both are scheduled to begin in May 2019.

Community Through Food

Be in touch if you have a cheese you’d like us to try, have questions about our Cheese Club or want information on wholesale. As a small family business, we hope to stay connected not only to our products but especially to the community we serve. We are delighted to have this opportunity and hope that when you taste our cheeses, you’ll be delighted, too.